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3 tips to optimise your warehouse storage

4 minutes to read

As industries continue to evolve and grow, warehouse and storage spaces become more critical. Traditionally you may have expanded your warehouse and storage spaces laterally but with today’s economy, it has become more popular to expand upwards. Expanding your warehouse and storage spaces upward allows you to maximise the utilisation of your current footprint while minimising costs. The question then becomes, how are you going to best utilise this space for maximum productivity and efficiency? Consider these 3 tips. 

Lift higher 

Expanding your warehouse upwards can present challenges for your current equipment. Depending on the weight and size of your products, your existing forklifts may not be capable of lifting loads as high as you need them to. Toyota’sreach truckscan assist in optimising your warehouse so you can place goods in the most efficient storage locations. With our high-performance reach trucks, you can reach lift heights up to 13m. When stacking at those high heights, visibility gets even more crucial. A transparent roof, optional camera and lift height indicator will assist your operators with storage and retrieval accuracy at high heights. Our unique tilting cab feature will make working at height also more ergonomically, thanks to less neck strain for the operator.

Toyota BT Reflex E-series RRE160HE_application3 (1)

Lift more 

With a load capacity range between 1200 and 2500 kg, the Toyota BT Reflex trucks can stack your slow-moving goods at high heights, whilst keeping the faster moving SKUs (Stock keeping Units) at lower racking levels.  The user-friendly large colour touch screen allows the operator to see the approximate load weight to assist in efficient and safe load handling. 


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Store more  

Another great tip is, to regularly take a look and gain a thorough understanding of how your operation is set up and where you can improve from the perspectives of safety, productivity and efficiency. Over time, companies may experience growth or other changes which could result in the development of new or different safety considerations and inefficiencies as new products, services, and activities show up and need to find their own home. Typically, the most convenient place for them at that time is used, which is not necessarily the most safe, practical or thoughtfully planned location. Look into how you can improve your storage methods and your racking design. Consider moving operations to where they make the most sense long-term and reduce wasted time spent transporting products and goods to their destination.

The cornerstone of the warehouse is a well-planned racking system optimised for your type of goods, rotation frequency as well as the routes and layout of your premises in order to get a lean material flow. Together withthe right truckfor the job we offer a variety of tailored solutions from standard static storage systems to high-density dynamic racking solutions such as theToyota Radioshuttleor our mobile pallet racking. All depending on your specific situation and needs. 

Reach trucks can provide you with the versatility to store your products where they make sense instead of where you can reach. In combination with the right storage and racking solution, the high-performance reach trucks from Toyota can help you to optimise your warehouse space in various industry applications.  


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