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Cut the cost of operating your hand pallet trucks

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To support companies during these financially challenging times Toyota Material Handling UK offer an easy way of operating pallet trucks at the lowest cost and at a fixed annual rental rate with no capital outlay.

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Toyota’s ‘Pallet Truck Plus’ scheme is a hand pallet truck rental option that enables users to receive a new pallet truck from the Toyota BT Lifter range for an agreed two-year monthly rental fee that can be as little as the equivalent of 79 pence per day.

Throughout the ‘Pallet Truck Plus’ agreement period, the truck - or trucks - will be fully serviced free of further charge by Toyota’s experienced and dedicated pallet truck service team as part of an agreed structured maintenance schedule.

In addition, in the unlikely event of a truck suffering a mechanical breakdown between scheduled service calls, Toyota’s Pallet Truck Specialists will visit free of any further charge.

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Tony Sharpe, Head of Service Development and Hand Pallet Truck After Sales at Toyota Material Handling, comments: “Hand pallet trucks are in near constant use in countless warehouses, retail outlets and manufacturing sites across the country. ‘Pallet Truck Plus’ provides quality equipment at the lowest rates and complete cost transparency for users. And, of course, because fees are agreed up-front, budget forecasting becomes far simpler.”

He continues: “Furthermore, the ‘Pallet Truck Plus’ service schedule will identify any potential issues with a truck that may compromise productivity or staff safety and thus prevent significant downtime - with all the cost and disruption to a business that can mean.”

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While a strict servicing and maintenance regime is the best way of preventing significant downtime truck build quality is also a major factor in maintaining operational efficiency and in work-cycle tests trucks in Toyota’s BT Lifter range have lasted up to five times as long as other hand pallet trucks.

Tony Sharpe adds: “Toyota’s BT hand pallet trucks have been setting standards in strength and performance for over 60 years and today’s BT Lifter range from Toyota Material Handling maintains these values with tests proving that these trucks are the most durable on the market.”

The full Toyota BT Lifter range – including top selling models such as the BT Quick Lifter, the BT Lifter Stainless and the BT Lifter Wet Spec - is available through ‘Pallet Truck Plus.’

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