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Day in the life of Collin Mufumi – Senior Engineer

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Every Toyota Approved Used Truck undergoes an exhaustive programme of pre-delivery checks before it is cleared to leave the Fleet Management Centre (FMC) and begin its ‘second life’ at a new customer site.

Collin Mufumi Blog Body image

As a senior engineer, it is Collin Mufumi’s responsibility to carry out the vitally important, pre-delivery inspection. “I look at everything from the front of the truck to the back,” says Collin.

And Collin really does mean “everything”! He meticulously assesses the forks, mast, hydraulics, steering, cabling, wheels, tyres, battery and engine to make sure they are all in perfect working condition. If the machine is electric-powered the battery is also thoroughly inspected for leaks or other signs of damage and fluid levels are topped up if required. Once the truck and its components have been passed fit, the truck’s identity plate and all the necessary corresponding paperwork are reviewed and, the forklift is then ready to be delivered to the customer as an Approved Used Truck.

“It is extremely satisfying to see the trucks in such fantastic condition after they have been refurbished,” says Collin.

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He continues: “From the moment that a truck enters the FMC to the time that it leaves, the restoration process is a real team effort and everyone has an important role to play in making sure that each machine is in the best condition that it can possibly be. There is a wonderful sense of teamwork and all my colleagues take immense pride in what they do, so I rarely encounter serious issues during the pre-delivery check.”

Collin originally trained as an automotive electrician and, prior to joining the Toyota team at Old Dalby, he had spent his career working with cars, vans and lorries.

“Forklifts were
completely new to me,” he recalls. “I was amazed by how sophisticated and intelligent the forklift is. The technology at the heart of every Toyota truck is as complex as anything that I came across in the automotive sector, which makes the job that I do extremely interesting.

“Working on trucks is challenging – and I like to be challenged in my work. It keeps the brain ticking over! It is a wonderful feeling when I solve a problem using what I have learnt and know and I go home at the end of the day content that I have been part of a team that is not only contributing to the success of Toyota Material Handling and its customers, but also the UK economy as a whole.”

A committed Christian, Collin devotes all of his out-of-work hours to his family and the well-being of members of the congregation at the church in Leicester where he is a pastor.

“I consider myself very fortunate that in both my role as a Senior Engineer at Toyota and my life outside work, I feel appreciated,” Collin adds.

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