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Five major benefits of electric forklifts trucks

8 minutes to read

Over the past few years, we've noticed a change in the type of energy companies choose to fuel their material handling equipment.

A lot of operations are replacing their internal combustion forklifts with electric ones. Industrial companies are embracing electric energy solutions, and why wouldn’t they? Electric forklifts have become highly efficient, powerful and provide a high level of performance They can easily handle heavy loads, are versatile, and they give your operation the opportunity to organise your material handling in an environmentally conscious way (if you opt for green electricity). Let’s zoom in to five benefits of electric forklift trucks and explain them in more detail. 

Environmentally conscious 

Electric forklifts produce zero emissions. That's right: none. So, if you opt for green electricity, you can drastically diminish your carbon footprint. Even after your truck’s best years you can minimise its impact on the environment; lead-acid batteries are mainly made up of lead, which is recyclable, and Li-ion batteries are top of the electric class as they are 30% more energy-efficient and have a three to four times longer lifespan than lead-acid batteries. Our new electric Traigo80 has a high-density Li-ion battery from Toyota and two intelligent energy packs, optimising your energy consumption. 

But ‘no emissions’ does not only mean that your outside environment benefits, you’ll create a healthier and more cost-efficient work environment too:

  • no more exhaust fumes or other toxic gasses
  • no need for ventilation and thus lower heating costs
  • lower energy costs as these energy-efficient trucks only consume the energy they truly need

90% of our electric trucks are also available with fuel cell, an even more environmentally conscious energy solution if green hydrogen is used. When opting for a fuel cell forklift, your operation can reduce emissions as a hydrogen-powered truck only emits heat and water. 

Traigo80_li-ion charging


Made for safe performance 

Thanks to technological evolution, electric forklifts have an enhanced regenerative braking system for increased safety. Making sure that if your operator takes their foot off the accelerator, the forklift instantly stops. At Toyota, we’ve also optimised the controls software to allow all types of operators to handle their trucks in a swift and precise manner. All of Toyota’s counterbalanced trucks are equipped with SAS (System of Active Stability) as standard, making sure your truck stays stable and your environment safe. You won’t lose time by refuelling; lithium-ion-powered electric trucks can be charged when you have the time to do so, for example during your lunch break.  



Quieter operations 

Electric forklifts are very quiet, especially when compared to internal combustion trucks. When driving electric forklifts there are two types of noise you can hear: the tyres moving on the floor and the alarm when you reverse the truck. By reducing noise, it will become easier for other operators and pedestrians to hear other important workplace sounds like alarms of other machinery, a truck that honks to warn them or a co-worker telling them their next urgent task. 

A quiet forklift benefits your workplace’s safety and communication but also your operators’ health. Loud noises can be distracting; they will cause headaches, stress, and fatigue in your operators. Long-term exposure to noise can even lead to hearing damage or loss. Electric forklifts are gentle on the ears and the health of your employees. Our new Traigo80 is designed with the driver in mind; a fully floating driver compartment gives your drivers an overview of their surroundings while insulating them from noise and vibration for optimal comfort. 

Traigo80_3.5t cabin_loading lorry

Reduced operating costs 

While the initial cost of Li-ion trucks appear to be higher, in the long run, your accounts department will thank you for choosing these electric forklifts over internal combustion (diesel and LPG) trucks because you will have:

  • lower operating, maintenance and servicing costs as they have fewer parts (like no coolants or engine oil) and need less servicing in general
  • to install charging stations but electricity is a lot cheaper than fuel
  • more space as Li-ion trucks do not need a separate charging room with ventilation
  • more budget to spend on your core activities
  • more time that the truck can actively be of use (as they need less servicing and maintenance)
  • I_Site fleet management system, which will increase your productivity and ROI through your fleet's data and helps you save even more budget

A great fit for all types of applications

For larger load handling we have our new Traigo80 with longer wheelbase model (600mm), but if a full-sized truck is too big for you, a compact model might be the right fit. Our compact and/or 3-wheel model of our electric Traigo24, Traigo48 and Traigo80 (2-2,5 and 3 tonnes model) are perfect to navigate narrow hallways and tight spaces; they have a small chassis and compact turning radius, improving manoeuvrability. So, electric forklifts can really maximise space and efficiency whilst maintaining power in a challenging warehouse.

Electric forklifts are tough and suited both for in and outdoor applications, unlike engine-powered machinery. The days where electric material handling solutions were less powerful or less resistant than its diesel or LPG counterparts are long gone. In fact, electric forklifts can handle very heavy loads and almost all types of materials. 


So, now you know that electric forklifts have many benefits. Not only are they more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, they can also save you a great deal on costs and space. Whether you have a small operation or a very large one, it's the perfect time to make the switch to fully electric forklift trucks. Why don't you have a look at our electric forklift truck hire range? Or immerse yourself in everything there is to know about Li-ion?

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