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Get your forklifts ready for winter – forklift attachments

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When severe winter conditions hit such as snow and ice, this can cause serious issues when operating your forklift trucks. To keep your working environments clear and safe, you can consider a range of attachments. From clearing snow to keeping surfaces regularly gritted and free from ice, there is an attachment that will do the job.

Snow Plough

The fork-mounted snow plough can be highly effective in clearing freshly fallen or compacted snow in yards and on roads during the winter months.

You can purchase a snow plough attachment on our accessories online shop here

Snow Bucket

The fork-mounted snow bucket can be used to shovel large amounts of snow in yards and on roads to clear areas for safer and more efficient working conditions during winter.

You can purchase a snow bucket attachment on our accessories online shop here


Investing in a gritter attachment is a great investment when cold icy conditions hit. This will enable you to spread grit in your operating area to make sure the conditions in which your forklift is operating are safe.

Operator accessories

As well as attachments for your forklift, we also provide some accessories that can keep your operators safe and comfortable when operating your fleet of forklifts:

  • Seat cover - providing added comfort and protection from damp
  • Heated seat cover - two heat settings as well as integrated lumber support
  • Interior heater - ideal for small and medium sized trucks to increase driver comfort

To take a look at our full range of accessories, with discounts of up to 15% take a look at our shop.

For more information on forklift winter attachments, fill in our contact form.

For additional advice on operating your forklift in winter, download our checklist. Alternatively, you can also take a look at our forklift service plans.