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How often should a forklift be serviced for safe operation and maximum performance?

4 minutes to read

Like a car, a forklift truck must be regularly serviced to ensure it is safe to operate. But how often should this service take place?

The answer varies depending on the type of forklift truck in question. However, something that can be assured is that forklift truck services are crucial for safe operation and maximum performance.

This article will explain how often forklift trucks should be serviced and why these services are beneficial.


How often does a forklift truck need to be serviced?

Although most forklift trucks offer high levels of durability and can operate in various conditions, they are likely to suffer from wear and tear if used regularly.

As parts of a forklift become prone to damage over time, this can increase the likelihood of an accident or a serious injury.

Therefore, to ensure any wear and tear is spotted and fixed, it is recommended that forklift trucks from your fleet are regularly serviced.

How often this service needs to take place varies depending on the type of forklift truck. However, as a general rule, you should service your trucks every:

  • 250 hours (2 months) for an IC forklift.
  • 500 hours (4 months) for an electric forklift.
  • 500 to 2000 hours (4 to 12 months) for additional parts.

Servicing your forklift trucks is a legal requirement and ensures they pass a Thorough Examination (LOLER) inspection periodically. 

This examination must be carried out every 12 months as a minimum. Dependent on the application and intensity of use, it may need to be carried out every four or six months.

You must service your forklift trucks regularly to ensure they pass their Thorough Examination inspection and are deemed safe to use in the workplace.

So, you now know how often your forklift trucks need to be serviced — but what are the benefits of a forklift truck service?


What are the benefits of regular servicing for your forklift trucks?

Meeting legal requirements is the most critical reason to service your forklift trucks regularly. However, doing so can benefit you and your employees in other ways. Read on to find out what these benefits are.

Decrease forklift downtime. 

No matter what industry you specialise in, forklift downtime can have a significant impact on your business. 

If you are not prepared, technical errors can bring high costs to your productivity and impact your profit margin.

Forklift downtime can also result in delays to the production process and hold up your supply chain, ultimately hindering your reputation.

Introducing regular inspection and maintenance across your forklift fleet is the most effective way to reduce this downtime. 

Not only will a service keep your forklifts performing at their best for the longest possible period, but it will also assure you that any truck-related technical problems will be identified quickly to avoid disruption.


Prevent accidents and ensure operator safety.

Each year, there are accidents caused by faulty forklift trucks, which could have been avoided if the truck had been serviced.

Regular forklift servicing and maintenance will find and fix any faults before accidents can occur, ensuring the safety of operators and workers.

By preventing accidents, your business can be assured that you are meeting health and safety regulations while also building a safety-first culture.


Increase the longevity of your fleet and reduce unexpected costs.

Investing in a new forklift fleet can be a costly investment. Therefore, it is in your best interest to maximise the longevity of your current forklift trucks.

Ensuring your forklifts are serviced regularly will increase the life span of your trucks because any faults can be fixed and specialists will keep an eye on your trucks to ensure they remain in top condition for longer.

Major mechanical faults on your forklift trucks can also be extremely costly, depending on the nature of the issue. 

However, if you have a regular service booked in, you will have greater visibility over the costs of repairs. This will allow you to budget better and prepare for any unexpected costs. 

By regularly servicing your forklift fleet, you can enjoy these benefits and much more. It is also vital that you purchase your forklift truck fleet from a reliable and reputable manufacturer.

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