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How to choose the top racking solution for your requirements.

6 minutes to read

Racking storage solutions can benefit a business in several ways. As well as offering increased storage capacity, they can enhance safety, reduce costs and improve efficiency. 

However, there are some key considerations when choosing a top racking solution. We review these considerations and the different solutions in this article. 

Key considerations when choosing a racking solution.

Typically, there are five essential considerations before purchasing a top racking solution. 

Weight capacity.

The racking system must handle the weight of your different products or materials. Before purchasing, find out how much your heaviest products weigh.

You should take this information to a specialist like Toyota Material Handling, as we will advise you on the most appropriate racking solution for your business.  

Size and dimensions. 

Racking solutions come in all different shapes and sizes. You must ensure the racking solution is the right size for your warehouse or storage facility.

We recommend you take exact measurements of the space where you want the racking solution and take them to a specialist. Or, if you work with Toyota, we will come to your facility and take the measurements for you.


Most racking solutions are likely to face high demand over time. This means you should find one that offers increased durability. 

With this in mind, the racking solution should be designed with high-quality materials and: 

  • Rust-resistance. 
  • Built with strong joints.
  • Ready for heavy use.


Safety should always be a top priority when purchasing warehouse equipment. 

Your racking solution should be designed to prevent accidents, such as falling items or collapsed shelves. We offer this as standard on all our racking solutions here at Toyota. 


The cost of a racking solution will depend on several factors. Typically, the more extensive the racking solution, the more expensive it will be. Look for a solution that offers good value for money and will likely provide a good return on investment in the long run.

The more options you have to choose from, the better. Here at Toyota, we offer various racking solutions that suit all businesses. We explore your different options in the next section.


The different types of racking solutions available. 

Conventional pallet racking.

Conventional pallet racking is a highly flexible solution for frequently changing warehouses. It requires minimal investment and is ideal for large quantities of unique articles (SKUs).


Mobile racking.

Mobile racking solutions offer up to 85% effective space utilisation and can drastically reduce storage costs per pallet location. Similar to conventional pallet racking, they are ideal for large quantities of unique articles (SKUs).


Drive-in pallet racking.

Drive-in pallet racking is an excellent solution for warehouse managers looking to maximise storage space while ensuring maximum efficiency. The initial investment of these solutions is lower than others on the market. 


Gravity flow pallet racking.

Gravity flow pallet racking is ideal for businesses looking to streamline their storage operations and offers the highest level of service. These racking solutions consist of horizontal levels and a series of wheeled carts that run along the length of the rack, allowing goods to be stored and retrieved quickly and efficiently.

Shelving systems.

Shelving systems offer increased storage space, enhanced accessibility and can be customised to meet the needs of a warehouse. They also reduce damage risk by providing better stability and support than traditional storage methods. 

Mezzanines and partitioning.

Mezzanines and partitioning are often cost-effective solutions for expanding warehouse space. They are also designed to maximise space, improve safety and make your business more efficient.

These are just some of our top racking solutions. You can learn about our other options on our racking solutions page. 

The page also provides the opportunity to speak to a specialist about any of the solutions mentioned above or for general advice.

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