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Improve operator safety with the Toyota range of hand pallet trucks

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Did you know that many industrial accidents every year are caused by manually handling loads? These accidents are often caused by pulling or lifting heavy loads and can lead to injuries such as strains and sprains.

Many of these accidents can be prevented, in this blog post we want to provide you with some additional information on choosing the right equipment to aid manual handling and improve safety in your operation.

Ensuring employees are safe is in an employers legal and economic interests. Millions of working hours are lost every year through injury, and compensation packages can prove costly. Employers also have a legal duty to ensure that the need for employees to undertake manual handling operations at work is avoided as far as is reasonably practical.

To avoid these incidents, Toyota have created a range of products that aid manual handling and avoid the risk of injury taking place.

BT Pro Lifter Hand Pallet Truck

The unique BT Pro Lifter hand pallet truck, with quick lift, allows the operator to lift heavy loads in just two strokes. It has a unique design that requires 67% less force to get started than a standard hand pallet truck. The starting force is reduced by two thirds in comparison to standard pallet lifting.

The BT Pro Lifter includes a pro-start feature which means that a connection between the tow bar and the steering wheel transfers the stroke action power to the wheel to make the truck roll. This start assistance reduces the amount of effort required to make the truck move.

Watch a video on how to operate the BT Pro Lifter hand pallet truck here.

Find out more about the BT Pro Lifter and buy online here.

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BT High Lifter Hand Pallet Truck

The BT High Lifter hand pallet truck provides easy horizontal transport, plus a lift height of up to 800mm thanks to its elevating forks. The BT High Lifter not only moves loads quickly and easily, but it also elevates loads to an ergonomic working height for easy transfer, or for use as a work table, reducing operator strain.

The truck comes with quick lift technology as standard, meaning that it takes just two strokes of the pump to elevate a load of less than 150kg high enough for horizontal transport.

The High Lifter is available as manual, electric and also stainless steel for working in corrosive or clean environments. You can see the truck in action here.

Find out more about the BT High Lifter and buy online here.

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