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Meet our latest apprenticeship graduate

2 minutes to read

Meet our latest apprenticeship graduate, Zoe Wakefield, who is now a site technician in Peterborough. We caught up with Zoe to find out what made her want to do an apprenticeship, how she found the 3 years, as well as what her role looks like now that she's graduated.

What made you want to do an apprenticeship?

I have always been interested in engineering and cars from my dad who was a mechanic and he has passed that down to me, so ever since I was little I have tinkered around with cars. I did a year at college and it was very theory based and I prefer hands on – I am more of a hands-on learner. So, I looked at what’s out there and had a look at a range of apprenticeships.

Where did you find out about the Toyota Apprenticeship?

I found it on indeed, I was searching through and applied to a lot of apprenticeships. I saw the Toyota one and thought that looks interesting I have never considered working with forklifts before and so I applied for it.


How did you find the overall experience of the Toyota Apprenticeship?

I thought it was a really great experience, I had such an amazing time I have learnt so much.

What was your favourite thing about the Toyota Apprenticeship?

It’s a good mix of learning and working at the same time, I learnt such a range of new things. It was great.

Would you recommend the Toyota Apprenticeship scheme?

100%, it is such a great experience; you are working for one of the best companies and you are so well looked after and supported. It’s so much fun.

Now you have graduated, what does your role entail as a Site Technician?

I work as a Site Technician on a customer site permanently. My main responsibilities are to service and fix trucks looking at common and large faults and basically keeping on top of the trucks on site.

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