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Meet our year one apprentices

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Apprenticeships are a system for training a new generation of practitioners of a profession with on-the-job training and accompanying study.

Every year, we recruit a number of apprentices at various locations across the UK with the aim of providing job specific hands-on experience, along with a nationally recognised qualification.

Recently, we caught up with our most recent year one apprentices; Max Young, Connor Millar and Chris Bedingfield, to find out how they were finding the course.

Why did you want to do an apprenticeship? Apprentices - Max Young

Max: I've always been hands on and into mechanics. I wanted something that I could turn into a career and engineers will always be required so I thought it seemed like a great opportunity. I also know somebody who already works for Toyota and they recommended it as a great place to work.

Connor: I wanted to develop a useful skill that I could then hopefully turn into a career.

Chris: I wanted to start a career doing something that I have a keen interest in. I have always been interested in mechanics, so this was perfect.


How is the apprenticeship so far?

Max: It's good, I’m enjoying it. There's always something different to do every day, you're never short of a task and you get to carry out a variety of jobs. One day you can be doing servicing and the next breakdowns.

Connor: It's good, I’m loving it. It’s a different experience every day, one day it can be quiet and you get your servicing done and the next day you can be completely run off your feet with different VNA trucks coming back to the workshop.

Chris: I’m loving it, it's great. It's better than I expected it to be. I am currently out in the field and I love it.


What is your favourite thing about the apprenticeship? Apprentices - Connor Millar

Max: Working for Toyota, it’s such a great name to work for, they look after us so well. I hope to be here for a long time.

Connor: It’s an industry that is constantly changing and developing, there’s always a range of things to learn. Also, getting paid while you learn is a great benefit.

Chris: There are so many things, but if I had to pick one it would be the freedom, as I'm out in the field I get to go to different places and different customer sites rather than being stuck in one place all the time. Everyday is different and I like that.


Would you recommend the Toyota apprenticeship?

Max: Yes definitely, it’s a good job to get into. There are such a range of tasks to get stuck into and a range of things to learn. If you are somebody who likes to be hands on and get paid while you’re learning it’s a great opportunity.

Connor: Yes definitely, it’s a great experience and a very supportive environment.

Chris: Yes, I would recommend it, everybody is so supportive.


What are your aspirations for when you finish the apprenticeship?Apprentices - Chris Bedingfield

Max: Hopefully become a site or field engineer for Toyota and stay here for as long as possible.

Connor: Become a field engineer, get my own area, and keep my customers very happy!

Chris: I want to stay on with Toyota, and hopefully get a role as a field service engineer.


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