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Choosing the right forklift tyres for your application: non-marking tyres

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Over the past two decades, indoor forklift applications have boomed thanks to the rise of e-commerce, online shopping and home deliveries just to name a few. This trend has shaped the material handling and logistics world, leading to a rise in popularity for non-marking forklift tyres. Today, indoor applications represent 60% of the market and 30% of these require non-marking tyres.

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In this blog we will discuss the benefits, dispel the myths, and highlight other considerations associated with non-marking tyres.

What are non-marking tyres?

Essentially non-marking tyres are used to prevent the black marks left behind on the floor surface by standard tyres during forklift operation. Non-marking tyres are available in resilient, pneumatic, and press on band. These tyres are typically either white or grey in appearance.

What are the benefits of non-marking tyres?

  • Minimised floor marking, resulting in reduced floor cleaning costs.
  • Performance is the same as standard forklift tyres.
  • Good traction, low rolling resistance, low heat build-up due to the use of silica-based compounds.

What are the limitations of non-marking tyres?

  • More expensive.
  • These tyres wear more quickly on average. The removal of the carbon black reduces the tyres durability.
  • Although worn rubber is not visually deposited on the floor it manifests itself as an invisible dust.

Static build-up in non-marking tyres

The accumulation of static electricity through friction is prevalent in non-marking tyres because the silica used has isolating properties. In flammable or explosive settings grounding straps or chains must be fitted, however, they wear down, break, or collect dust and debris, which gradually insulates them from the ground and prevents the release of static build up.

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Toyota can provide non-marking anti-static tyre options to material handling fleets seeking a safer and more effective alternative for standard non-marking tyres.

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