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Our former apprentice still learning 26 years later

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Mark Humphrey started his career with a Toyota Apprenticeship in 1995 and has since developed his career and is now a Service Manager 27 years later.

When did you do the Toyota Apprenticeship?My Profile

I started the apprenticeship in 1995 and have worked at Toyota ever since.

What made you want to do an apprenticeship?

I wanted to learn a trade. My Dad was a forklift driver and used to take me to work with him and it was interesting watching him. I always wanted to fix things; the inspiration came from my Grandad – he would fix everything.

How did you find the apprenticeship?

It was a plant machinery apprenticeship back then and I did one day a week for 3 years based in a workshop. The skills that I picked up during my apprenticeship set me up for life. It also boosted my confidence, there’s nothing I’m scared of now, I will have a go at anything.

Can you tell us a little bit about your career following the apprenticeship?

My first full time job was as an On-Site Engineer, I learnt so much there. An opportunity then came up for a field engineer role – I was in this role for 5 years and gained a lot of experience. I then got a job as a Customer Service Manager for 2 years; this was a big step and I covered a range of areas.

I then became a Service Team Manager in which I was the leader of a small team of engineers. I was then promoted to Service Support Manager which was a more technical and compliance-based role, which I did for 3 years. I was then promoted to Service Manager for the South East in which I looked after everything in the South East region, including a team of 40 engineers.

I am now Service Manager for the South responsible for 130 people.

Would you recommend working at Toyota and the apprenticeship scheme?

When I had my interview as an Apprentice I was told if you join this company, you have a job for life and I am still here 27 years later. There will always be a job for you here, somebody will always need to move a pallet.

I have learned so much through the apprenticeship and also through the various roles I have undertaken over the years at Toyota. There is so much job satisfaction that comes from being a forklift engineer, fixing somebody’s truck so that they can keep their business moving and their livelihood going is priceless!

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