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6 practical tips to find experienced warehouse workers.

5 minutes to read

Businesses are having to implement new techniques to overcome the challenges related to the UK labour shortage.This article will provide practical tips focused primarily on the warehouse industry to help your business continue hiring the right people who will effectively contribute to your supply chain.

  1. Offer competitive salaries.
  2. Work with a reputable recruitment partner.
  3. Embrace flexible working.
  4. Implement innovative recruitment techniques.
  5. Introduce a referral scheme.
  6. Consider past candidates.

1. Offer competitive salaries.

One of the most effective ways to find experienced warehouse workers is to restructure your salary offering.

Although this may initially impact your bottom line, the return on investment will be positive in the long run as you are more likely to hire people with the right credentials to impact your operation.

Waitrose recently increased its lorry driver salaries by £5,000 to overcome shortages and attract suitable candidates to apply for their vacancies.

Increasing your wage offering will allow you to stand out from the competition and overcome any shortages you may currently face.


2. Work with a reputable recruitment partner

The right recruitment partner can successfully transform your hiring strategy and support you in finding top talent that matches your business needs.

They will have access to bespoke warehousing talent pools and ensure the candidates you interview match the skill sets and desirable qualities you are looking for.

A recruitment partner will also support you with other elements, such as streamlining your recruitment process and providing guidance on the best techniques to help you find experienced workers.

Working with a recruitment partner can come at a cost. So be sure to find the strongest suit for your business and what you are trying to achieve.


3. Embrace flexible working.

We understand — flexible working is not easy to implement for warehouse businesses.

You need feet on the ground, working in the warehouse and contributing to the efficiency of your supply chain.

However, a recent poll of 1,000 UK workers found that 47% said they would consider changing jobs if flexible working was not an option.

Although you may not have the luxury of letting your employees work remotely, other flexible working options are available.

These include increased flexi-time, longer breaks between shifts and extended holiday schemes. All of these will make your job offer look more enticing and allow you to retain your best employees.


4. Implement innovative recruitment techniques.

Embracing innovative recruitment techniques will attract the right kind of warehouse workers and retain them once hired.

For example, research has found that 62% of job seekers use social media channels to evaluate employer brands and whether they are the right fit for that business.

Statistics like these highlight the importance of embracing new recruitment methods such as social media and other omnichannel techniques to ensure you promote your vacancies in the right places.

There are several other innovative recruitment techniques your business could implement and these include:

  • Invest in AI recruitment software
  • Build an experiential recruitment strategy
  • Embrace the power of video

5. Introduce a referral scheme.

The voice of your employees is one of your most powerful recruitment weapons.

By introducing a referral scheme, your employees are more likely to recommend your business to people they know who are actively looking for work.

It is believed that 81% of people trust recommendations from friends or family over those from companies.

A referral scheme can also be much more cost-effective than investing in a recruitment partner or state of the art recruitment technology.

It will impact employee happiness too. Your workforce will feel recognised for their efforts and contribution to improving your operation.


6. Consider past candidates.

Some candidates might not have quite made the cut in the past. It does not mean you should not reconsider reaching out to some of them that were close to securing the job.

Talent that was not a fit in the past might be a fit now. They might have picked up more experience and learned new skills during the interim.

Considering past candidates eliminates risk. If you know you like someone and they did well in the previous interview, it is always worth reaching out to see if they are actively seeking new work.

All of the techniques above can make a big difference when it comes to finding experienced warehouse workers.

However, to ensure they are implemented effectively, you need to consider your overall warehouse strategy and what you need to succeed.


That is where our warehouse labour playbook can help.

You might be facing understaffing issues or experiencing high staff turnover. If so, you may likely need to assess your strategy and implement some changes to your operation.

Download a copy of our warehouse labour playbook to understand more about the common challenges warehouses face and what you can do to overcome them.

Warehouse Labour Playbook