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We keep you moving, whatever the make of your truck

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For companies that operate mixed fleets of equipment made up of various forklift manufacturers’ brands, it is reassuring to know that Toyota’s service engineers have the expertise to work on any make or model of truck.

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If you’re running a business that relies on its forklift fleet to keep goods moving through the supply chain, you will no doubt be conscious that any unplanned truck downtime can be both disruptive and costly.

Toyota offers a range of after-sales care and support packages to suit the business needs of companies of all sizes operating across every industry sector.

Toyota's Service Plans include:

  • Standard Service:
    This is a low cost entry level plan where Toyota takes responsibility for maintaining your trucks, ensuring all the safety requirements are met.

  • Standard Service Plus:
    The standard plus plan includes all of the standard service features with the additional benefit of main parts replacement cover.

  • Full Service:
    The full service package involves a comprehensive parts and labour plan that covers preventative maintenance, breakdowns and parts used in service and breakdown repairs.

With the support of Toyota’s dedicated after-sales team to guide them through the various options available, customers can choose their plan with complete confidence, safe in the knowledge that it will keep their trucks in good working order at all times whatever the make or model.

With around 450 technicians across the UK, Toyota guarantees to respond to a customer’s request for assistance within 4 working hours and has a 95% first time fix rate.

Quite simply, customer satisfaction is Toyota’s number-one priority and everything is done to meet every customer’s needs and expectations. For example, each month more than 1500 customer feedback surveys are reviewed and the comments analysed to benchmark performance.

By applying the Toyota Service Concept, a structured approach to optimising services that is based on 12 key values that include ‘Poka Yoke’ - a Japanese term that means ‘mistake-proofing’ or ‘inadvertent error prevention’ Toyota continuously improves its service and ensures that repairs are expertly and efficiently carried out to keep its customers’ truck downtime to a minimum.

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