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Winter forklift care: cabs & lighting

3 minutes to read

During the winter months, adverse weather conditions can make it more difficult and uncomfortable to operate material handling equipment and so winter forklift care is important.

To make your forklifts safer and to ensure your trucks are operational during darker hours and poor weather, there are a couple of options to consider - including adding lighting and cabs to your forklift. You can purchase extras from our online accessories shop.

This blog will help you to understand some of the accessory options available and how they can benefit you during winter weather. 

Winter Forklift

Forklift Lighting

During winter, as days get darker and visibility becomes poorer, it is important to consider the lighting fitted to your truck to increase your forklift visibility and improve your forklift safety:

LED lights

To ensure the longevity of lights on your truck during a time when visibility is needed the most, you can upgrade standard halogen lights to LED light units. LED lights are more robust than halogen lights as halogen lights can break during use, this means using LED lights prevents risk of putting the truck out of safe operation.

Light bars and light units can be mounted on the forklift to provide extra lighting visibility. The very slim design allows you to mount directly on to the mast, boom or fork carrier instead of on the cab and so the working field is illuminated instead of the vehicle. 

Mast lights

To ensure ultimate visibility in darkness or poor conditions, LED mast lights can be bolted to the mast of the truck. These are helpful when loading and unloading outside as it provides operators with significant illumination of the whole area that can help operators work more safely.

Projection warning lights

To ensure a visual safety zone is created between the forklift and pedestrians. These are particularly effective in loud working environments as the light alerts people nearby to the forklifts that are in operation.

You can opt for lights when you choose your forklift truck, alternatively, it is easy to add on or change the lights on your existing truck.

Forklift Cabs

Operating outdoors in cold and rainy conditions without a cab may leave your operators cold, wet and unable to work as efficiently as they normally would, not to mention it is a health and safety risk.

Your choice of cab will depend on how long your driver will be outside and your budget:

Cab with canvas doors

Ideal if your operator is not spending all of their time outdoors in the truck but still needs some shelter for when they are, it is also the most economical option.

Steel cab

If your operator is spending the majority of their time outdoors in the truck, this option is ideal. It includes a full steel cabin with doors that will ensure the operator is kept fully dry and warm.


If you opt for the steel cab, you can add a heater for extra warm and comfort.

Cabs are best fitted at the factory but can also be retrofitted to an existing truck.

Your forklift truck winter guide

Make sure your forklift fleet is ready for winter by downloading our free winter guide today! 

Download our winter guide

For more information about the various cab options, fill in our online contact form below: