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Thorough examination - the facts

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Did you know that a Thorough Examination (LOLER) inspection is required by law on all of your lifting equipment? Not everybody is aware of this, and many organisations are running their trucks without a valid Thorough Examination certificate meaning they are not only risking the safety of their trucks and operators but also breaking the law. In this blog post we want to provide you with seven facts on Thorough Examinations.

examining forklift

Thorough examination - our seven facts

  1. LOLER inspection services are a legal requirement for all trucks with forks.
  2. Thorough Examination ensures your equipment meets the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations1998 – Regulation 9 (LOLER98) and the Provision of Use of Work Regulations 1998 – Regulation 6 (PUWER98) health and safety regulations.
  3. All new trucks are issued with a ‘CE Certificate of Conformity’. The first thorough examination is required 4, 6 or 12 months from the date of conformity, depending on the truck specification and site conditions. You can find out how often your truck needs an inspection here.
  4. The site operator is legally responsible for making sure a Thorough Examination is carried out irrespective of the ownership of the equipment, purchased or hired.
  5. Pallet trucks lifting higher than 300mm from the ground require a LOLER98 inspection. Low lift pallet trucks operating up to 300mm require a periodic safety inspection, at least once a year, under the PUWER98 regulations.

  6. Not all Thorough Examinations cover both LOLER98 and PUWER98 regulations, which could leave you liable to HSE enforcement. A CFTS accredited company will always ensure all checks are carried out.
  7. Many companies assume their insurance or material handling provider undertakes the examinations as part of their annual plant inspection, often this is not the case.

Find out more about thorough examination

I rent my truck, do I need a thorough examination inspection?

It is the responsibility of the site owner to ensure that these inspections are carried out. That applies to all equipment whether it is owned or on a long-term hire agreement. If a truck is being rented on short-term hire for periods of up to one year, it is then the responsibility of the rental company to ensure that an inspection is carried out on the equipment; but it is preferential for the hirer to always check this and request a copy of the latest inspection report.

Who performs a thorough examination?

Toyota Material Handling UK is an accredited national provider of CFTS (Consolidated Fork Truck Services) Thorough Examination inspections. The CFTS are totally committed to working with customers to meet legislation and operate safe, reliable equipment. Toyota Material Handling UK is actively working to ensure that other customers are aware of the legal requirements surrounding materials handling equipment and remind them to check that they are compliant.

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