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Toyota Material Handling UK becomes member of UN Global Compact

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Toyota are proud to become UN Global Compact Members to support with the Climate Ambition Accelerator. Led by the United Nations, the Climate Ambition Accelerator works with companies to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to align them towards a net zero emissions target by 2050.

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Climate Ambition Accelerator

At Toyota Material Handling UK, we realise that we don’t have to choose between taking decisions on climate action and business decisions. We can do both.

The Climate Ambition Accelerator aims to scale-up credible climate action across companies of all sizes, sectors and regions, enabling them to deliver on meaningful commitments to reduce emissions at scale. Through the Global Compact Local Networks around the world, participating companies will gain access to global best practices, peer-to-peer learning opportunities, capacity building sessions and on-demand training. The long-term vision is for organisations of all sizes to collaborate in reducing carbon emissions and in turn, helping to support the Paris Climate Agreement.

At TMHUK, we have already reduced our CO2 emissions in operations significantly since 2012. We have achieved this through a variety of changes in our approaches to work such as switching to hybrid cars, use of telematics, switching to renewable energy and energy efficient equipment in our facilities.

We can now continue to further reduce our impact on the environment through innovative product design and processes such as electrification, lithium-ion, I-Site, automation and fuel cell options. Lithium-ion batteries are already available on 90% of our product range. This will also support our customers to meet their own environmental challenges.

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EcoVadis - How do Toyota Material Handling UK already help?

We’re proud to have achieved the EcoVadis Platinum label for the first time, something that only 1% of all EcoVadis customers have achieved.

Paul Mulcahy, the Quality, Health, Safety and Environment manager here at Toyota Material Handling UK says, "Receiving an EcoVadis Platinum award enables us to build trust with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, and encourages all of us within Toyota Material Handling UK to continue integrating sustainability into the way that we work". As well as the assessment of an organisations commitment to the environment, the EcoVadis rating also takes into consideration labour issues and human rights, as well as sustainable procurement and ethics.

However, our work doesn’t stop there, we’re continuing to explore opportunities to enhance our recycling methods across the organisation, roll out solar energy and energy storage first in our own operations, with a view to bring zero carbon solutions for material handling to our customers as a next step.

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