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Why choose a Toyota Hand Pallet Truck?

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Hand pallet trucks are fundamental for a range of operations, however, with so much choice in the market making the right decision can be difficult. 

We have been setting the standards in hand pallet trucks for over 60 years, but what are the benefits of choosing a hand pallet truck from Toyota? 

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Sustainability & lifetime cost

Some people see manual hand pallet trucks as disposable items. However, if they are correctly maintained and serviced they will require less frequent replacement and become a more sustainable and cost-effective option in the long run.

For example, the BT range of manual pallet trucks have been designed to be highly serviceable; they have 12 grease points placed around the pump, frame, and axles to help keep it functioning perfectly for an extended time. 

Dedicated team of Hand Pallet Truck Specialists

Hand pallet trucks are often subject to a rigorous workload, sometimes 7 days a week. Even with a frequent maintenance plan, parts will eventually wear out and it is important to ensure a fast repair to minimise downtime.

We have a dedicated team of hand pallet truck specialists who can repair, service and maintain all makes of hand pallet trucks. This helps to ensure that your hand pallet truck not only works safely but can also extend the expected operating life of the truck too.

We also offer a Pallet Truck Plus option, for the complete rental and service option that provides you with the piece of mind that service, maintenance, and breakdown is included in a low monthly payment.

Hand pallet trucks designed for operator safety

A high percentage of industrial accidents every year are often caused by pulling or lifting heavy loads and can lead to injuries such as strains and sprains.

To reduce these incidents, we created the unique BT Pro Lifter hand pallet truck which features quick lift, allowing you to lift heavy loads in just two strokes.

It also features a unique design which means that it requires up to 67% less force to get started than a standard hand pallet truck. The starting force is reduced by two thirds in comparison to standard pallet lifting.

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Reputation and product guarantee

With so much choice of hand pallet trucks in the market it is easy to fall into the trap of choosing the cheapest option, however, this can not only lead to safety concerns associated with poor build quality, but also result in costly repairs, expensive replacement costs and poor product support.

BT hand pallet trucks have been setting standards in strength and performance for over 60 years. We're so confident in our BT Lifter hand pallet truck that they offer a 99 year functional guarantee on the fork frame and a 5 year guarantee on the pump unit. Providing you with the peace of mind the moment you buy.

Hand pallet truck solutions for all applications

Ensuring you have the right truck for your application and environment is key to ensure you are getting the best out of your equipment as well as achieving optimum productivity and safety for your operation. 

Our range of Hand Pallet Trucks provides a solution for all applications, including galvanised, stainless, high lifting and silent models. 

Full range of materials handling solutions

As your business expands the requirement for additional material handling equipment and support services will grow. It is important to be aligned with a trusted supplier who can accommodate your additional needs and provide a complete solution.

Our full product offering of material handling equipment includes new, rental and used forklift trucks, service & maintenance, parts & accessories, operator training, racking, automated and fleet management solutions.

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