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Run your forklift fleet for less, part 2: Reduce damage costs

3 minutes to read

Keeping your forklift fleet running optimally, while also managing costs, can be a challenge for fleet managers. 

We began our 'run your forklift fleet for less' blog series with advice on battery management. In this second blog post of the series, we will explore ways in which you can control and reduce your damage costs. 


How can I improve impact management?

Finding all the relevant information about a forklift impact incident, including where the damage came from, which operators were involved, what the most recent service reports are, etc. can be challenging for the fleet manager.

To help you track and monitor damage to your forklift fleet, the Toyota I_Site fleet management software connects to your material handling equipment and can provide you with access to impact notifications to help you take the right action to reduce downtime and avoid an unnecessary forklift repair when needed.

By using sensors on the forklift truck, Toyota I_Site Explorer reports on any impact; it's magnitude, location on the truck, as well as location in the facility, and who was involved. The impact report through I_Site gives you visibility into what actions need to be taken to create a safer and more cost-efficient operation, for example, do you need to redesign areas of your warehouse? Do you need to provide additional driver training?, etc.

Combined with your forklift service history, I_Site Explorer gives you the ability to track the most common sources of damage to your machines, goods, racking and facility.

How can I prevent forklift truck damage?

Pre-operational safety checks can help to prevent incidents and avoid extra maintenance costs.

Toyota's I_Site helps you to stay on top of risk and safety management. It features a safety check function to prompt the forklift operator to perform a customised check of the forklift truck before operating.

How can I manage my forklift truck operators?

Having the ability to monitor who is driving your forklift trucks influences improved driver behaviour and reduces unauthorised truck use, which in turn creates a safer environment for your operators and reduces damage and damage costs.

Toyota's I_Site allows you to put measures in place to ensure only trained operators and approved drivers with a valid licence have access to your forklift trucks through unique driver profiles with PIN codes, or access cards.

What are my next steps?

Monitoring your fleet and analysing what's causing damage can allow you to make smart improvements to reduce unexpected downtime and prevent damage costs. Connected solutions can help put you in control of your costs.

Control and reduce damage costs with I_Site