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Taking Care of Your Forklift During Winter – Operator Comfort

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As the days are become shorter and the temperature starts to drop, working outside in poor weather can compromise the well-being of your employees. Therefore, operator comfort and protection are of upmost importance during winter as it's difficult for anyone to fully concentrate on their task if they are wet, cold and exposed to the elements.

Protect your operators

Appropriate warm clothing, as well as reflective and highly visible overalls, must be given to employees that will be working outdoors to guarantee operators can conduct business as usual while maintaining concentration levels and not risking their health and wellbeing. Operators should also be encouraged to take regular breaks and retire to warmer locations where they can rest and re-energise.

Before the winter months arrive, it is important to make sure your operators have the appropriate winter clothing available to them, including winter clothing that is wind-proof, warm gloves, a hat and a high-visibility vest.

You may also want to consider adding a seat cover to protect the inside of the truck from the damp, or even installing a heated seat or interior heater for extra comfort.

Download our winter guide


Remember to also protect your truck

If you plan on operating your truck outside for a prolonged period of time during winter, it is a good idea to install a cab on your truck to protect your operator from the weather. There are a couple of cab options to consider:

  • Steel cab - if your operators are spending the majority of their time outdoors in the truck, this option is best for you. It includes a full steel cab with doors that ensure the driver is kept fully dry and warm.
  • Cab with canvas doors - this option is ideal if your operator is not spending all of their time outdoors in the truck but still needs some shelter for when they are, it is also the most economical option.

We also provide a further range of forklift attachments to help you navigate around your working environment. We spoke about this in our forklift attachment blog.

Cabs and accessories are best fitted at the factory but can also be retrofitted later. See all available interior accessories here.

For more tips on how to look after your truck this winter, download our free Winter Guide. You can also review our specialist forklift service plans.