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4 warehouse order picking technologies you should consider.

4 minutes to read

Order picking technology can help businesses like yours reduce warehouse costs, improve supply chain processes and boost customer satisfaction.

But with so many solutions available, how do you know which is right for your business? 

This article will outline the different order picking technologies you should consider and explain their benefits. Your most effective options include:

Order picking trucks. 

Order picking trucks are specialised forklifts that assist your employees with their order picking responsibilities. 

These forward-thinking solutions have features that make it easier for operators to access and retrieve items from storage locations.

For example, some order picking forklifts have extended forks that can reach higher shelves. Others have an elevated operator platform that provides a better view of the picking area. 

Order picking forklifts can also be equipped with attachments such as clamps, rotators or fork positioners. These features allow the trucks to handle various loads, increasing efficiency and ensuring accuracy. 

At Toyota Material Handling UK, we offer a range of order pickers to support different operations. You can discover your options here.

Indicator systems.

Indicator systems are designed to help operators locate items in the warehouse quickly and accurately. They do this by directing operators to a specific location.

Once they have reached the location, the indicator system will provide the operator with information to complete the task. This information aims to help the operator make decisions to achieve higher accuracy rates and faster picking speeds. 

The different types of indicator systems available include: 

  • Pick to light systems: This type of order picking technology uses alphanumeric displays and buttons at storage locations to guide your employees in light-aided manual picking, putting, sorting and assembling.
  • Voice picking systems: These innovative solutions use easy-to-understand voice prompts to direct operators to specific locations in a warehouse and tell them which products they need to complete customer orders.

Automated solutions.

Automation is another solution enabling more improved order picking in the warehouse. These solutions can range from simple conveyors to more complex robotic systems. 

With a conveyor system, items are transported from storage locations to the picking area using a series of belts, rollers or chutes. The operator can then pick the items from the conveyor and organise them into orders.

Robotic order picking systems work a little differently. These solutions can be programmed to navigate the warehouse, identify and retrieve items from storage locations. Some robots can even use machine learning algorithms to improve their picking accuracy over time. 

Find out more about our range of automated solutions available here.

Inventory management software. 

The final order picking technology your business should consider is inventory management software.

This technology can improve order fulfilment and accuracy across your operation. These solutions provide real-time information on the location and quantity of items in the warehouse. It can also track order status, inventory levels and shipping schedules. 

With this information, warehouse managers can optimise the picking process, allocate resources more efficiently and avoid stockouts.

Inventory management software can also integrate with other technologies, such as order picking forklifts and automated systems, providing a seamless end-to-end solution. 

These software solutions can also be customised to meet specific warehouse requirements and improve accuracy and efficiency while reducing labour costs.

So, now you have a clear understanding of the different order picking technologies available and some of their benefits, it is time to look at your options in more detail. 

Our range of order pickers can help your business achieve its goals and enjoy continued growth. Click below to discover more about our different ranges and how they can improve your order picking processes.

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